The Everyday Detective

• December 21st, 2012

Something different: The Everyday Detective is a noir detective doing mundane things!  I had this idea a couple years ago, but we couldn't get the music right, and I didn't write any more, and then our voice actor moved away. So this is probably the only one of the Everyday Detective. We finally finished the music, so I'm releasing it. So here it is, the first and last Everyday Detective: The Big Checkout!


Announcer/Manager: Lucas CIarlante

Detective: Abe

Checkout Girl: Leilani Oliden

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Radiogame Extras: Metal Gear Gordon Spoof

• December 16th, 2012

Just a short clip Lucas made up using some of the voices from Good Boy Gordon, and I think it's hilariously brilliant.  I can't promise we'll always have extra stuff, but when we do, we have fun with it.

Expect something special for this week!

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Good Boy Gordon

• December 14th, 2012

Tonight on Radiogame Theatre, we bring you a tale of world set on by Combine, zombies, mutants and head-crabs, and the one man who can save it! By doing what everyone tells him to.


Announcer/Dr. Magnuson: Alex Bone

Dr. Kliener: Vincent Eaton

Alyx Vance/Soldier 2: Emily Lepore

Eli Vance/Soldier 4.3: Cecilio Rosario

Soldier 3/Soldier 4.2: Dann Ramierez

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radiogame extras: Feeling Down remix

• December 8th, 2012

Lucas had some extra time and decided to make a techno remix of the advertisement in A Peach in Peril.  It's gettin' cray cray all up in the mushroom kingdom y'all!

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A Peach in Peril

• December 7th, 2012

Here's our first show with our new announcer and new theme! A classic vaudevillian tale of a damsel in distress staring Mario, Peach and Bowser! Radiogame Theatre presents: A Peach in Peril!


Announcer: Alex Bone

Mario/Luigi/Toad/Wario/Waluigi/Bowser/Hammer Bros: Dann Ramirez

Yoshi: Lucas Ciarlante

Peach: Marci Bellows

Daisy: Jolene Turner

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• December 4th, 2012

Welcome to Radiogame Theatre!  It's taken a looooong time but we're finally ready to start releasing shows!  The upload schedule will be a little rocky in the coming year as we hammer out the workings, but for the month of December we've got some real special shows!


Everybody Loves Louis

• December 4th, 2012

Starting off Radiogmae Theatre is her Maiden Voyage, our first show produced over 2 years ago for the Escapist FIlm Festival!  This is the long version, recently re-edited. I hope you enjoy it!



Lucas Ciarlante-Francis

Emily Lepore-Zoey

Joshua Daniel-Bill

Randi O'Neil-Louis

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